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The placenta nourishes you and your baby throughout pregnancy, producing a custom blend of hormones designed specifically for your body’s needs. Reintroducing these hormones during the postpartum period can help to speed up the healing process, boost milk production, ease your body’s transition into motherhood and can be A FIRST DEFENSE AGAINST POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. The encapsulation process, which takes about two days to complete, can be done either in your home or our designated workspace, while you rest and bond with your family. We offer either raw or steam prep method encapsulation. A $60 retainer secures your place on our calendar and goes towards the encapsulation fee.

Our Offerings

Placenta Encapsulation

Each package includes a jar of finished placenta capsules, information packet, dosage recommendations, and a complimentary umbilical cord keepsake.

Raw Encapsulation: $225
Steam Prep Method: $240


A delightful addition to an encapsulation package, each decadent dark, milk or mint chocolate morsel is carefully blended with one capsule-worth of nourishing placenta powder.

Chocolates: $25/doz

Placenta Art

A beautiful, custom print of your placenta is a unique way to honor the organ that nourished your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Print: $25

Salves + Tinctures

An herbal + placenta salve helps to nourish your skin, and can be used to soothe diaper rash, cesarean scars, cuts, scrapes, and more. A tincture can prolong the usefulness of your placenta for years to come.

Salve: $30

Tincture: $40

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What's the difference between Raw Encapsulation and Steam Prep Encapsulation?

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What should I bring to the hospital?

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What's the difference between encapsulating in my home or Two Rivers' Workspace?

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How long does it take?

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