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Why yoga?  Pregnancy asks a lot of the body. The shifts and changes that occur in order to grow and make room for baby can lead to a whole host of physical challenges and discomforts. Prenatal yoga addresses these challenges with mindful and safe movement that is aimed at increasing body balance, awareness and acceptance.

The physical practice of yoga helps us to shift our attention into the present moment by using awareness of the breath in conjunction with specific movement (or stillness) of the body. This mind/body connection is like a muscle. It is strengthened when you practice engaging it. A strong mind-body connection is a powerful tool to utilize during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Prenatal yoga offers many of the same benefits of a regular yoga practice: STRESS REDUCTION, IMPROVED SLEEP, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, IMPROVED MENTAL FOCUS, AND AN OVER ALL SENSE OF WELL BEING — with the added benefit of modifications specific to pregnancy to support your changing body and energy levels and keep you and your baby safe.

In addition to finding comfort and ease in your body during pregnancy, prenatal yoga can serve as a kind of birth preparation – each class plants seeds of information and practices meant to support you during the actual birth. Each class is structured to be accessible to all levels, even if you don’t have prior yoga experience.

Pregnancy is a powerful and sacred personal journey, made even richer by the women on the same path that we connect with along the way. The
community created within a prenatal yoga class is one of the most surprising and rewarding benefits of regular attendance.

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Prenatal Yoga with Kaylah

Every Saturday 10:30-12:00  —  No registration required, $15

Mountain Spirit Yoga: 14D West Main Street, Middletown, MD 21769

Please see the Mountain Spirit calendar for class closures or changes