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It’s no secret how I feel about birth stories. I think it is imperative both for families to be able to tell their stories and be celebrated and for the community to acknowledge them, honor the strength and join in the joy of its members. Our culture has so few ceremonies that recognize the changes each new child brings and sharing our stories is one way to close that circle. Storytelling inspires us to heal, it inspires us learn, it inspires us to change, and to cherish. Birth stories inform our understandings of ourselves and the vibrant variations that shine from our children from the very first moments.

Stories are posted here, to the Two Rivers Blog, and to the Two Rivers Facebook page. Stories can be anonymous or attributed. A link is sent to the submitter to ok the post before it is shared publicly. Often I will re-post to Facebook in celebration of the baby’s first birthday! Any format is fine as long as I can copy the text. Microsoft Word is perfect. Two or three images are welcome for inclusion, if you have them. Pictures should be JPEGs and watermarked if they belong to your photographer.

This is my invitation, with my deepest gratitude, to any family in the community who would like to share their story. Any and every kind of birth is welcomed and celebrated! Feel free to read more of the powerful stories already collected on this blog. Please message me at with submissions or for more information.

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