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Babywearing is a practical tool for meeting a baby’s needs while fostering a strong bond. It isn’t always intuitive and the different types of carriers can be overwhelming to navigate, but we’ll help you find the best solutions for your family. Ask questions, share your skills and get connected on our Facebook page. While our monthly meetings are currently on hiatus you are welcome to message us for in-person troubleshooting help at any time.

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Cloth diapers have come a long way from safety pins and rubber pants, and they are still a great green option for both your wallet and the planet. Today there are SO MANY features, fits and styles available and we’ll help you find the right combination for your family, troubleshoot issues and spread the fluff love. Join the discussion on our Facebook page and watch for seasonal swaps and meet ups.

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We need each other now more than ever. Find a friend for a coffee play-date or a kid-friendly hike, ask for referrals before choosing a new doctor, celebrate a new arrival in the community or just check out local events perfect for families with young children.