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The weeks and months after birth can be overwhelming. As POSTPARTUM DOULAS, we ease transitions and help you find balance in your new role as parents. Let us take care of day-to-day tasks like meal prep, tidying and organizing while you focus on recovery and bonding. We’ll be there for day or overnight care, breastfeeding support, babywearing education, sibling care and NON-JUDGMENTAL SUPPORT ON YOUR JOURNEY TO OWN UNIQUE PARENTING STYLE.

Being taken care of after birth is not a luxury. It’s how we set the stage for our future parenting, for our future health and it’s a special time with our families that we never get back.

Unconditional Support

Mothering the Mother

Physical and emotional care to nurture you while you nurture your new baby. Continuous, holistic support is a first line of defense against postpartum depression.

Babywearing Techniques

Your personalized Babywearing 101 helps you carry your baby comfortably and safely in your own carriers or ones from our teaching library.

Breastfeeding Wisdom

The guidance, support and experience you need to get your breastfeeding relationship off to the best start.

Village Building

We know that every baby takes a Village — so we built one! We’ll connect you with a warm and welcoming community of local families.

Household Organization

We tackle day-to-day tasks so that you can rest, recover and reconnect with your loved ones. We can also help you navigate the wild world of baby gear.

Whole Family Support

Daddies and partners, big siblings and even pets need support, too! We’re here to help the entire family find their balance.

Our Offerings

Starting Package

20 hours at $640

20 hours covers four 5-hour shifts to get you back on your feet or 2 full overnights of glorious, glorious rest


$32 per hour

A la carte hours are always available for established clients for want a little more lovin’

Asked + Answered

What DON'T postpartum doulas do?

  • We DON’T judge any of your choices or bring any particular parenting philosophy. Parenting is a touch gig and we’re here to help you find your way through happy and healthy, whatever that looks like for your family.
  • Doulas are non-medical so we DON’T give medical advice, or dispense medications.
  • Currently we DON’T drive anyone in our cars, but we CAN go with you to the doctor or to run errands.
  • We aren’t currently sleep consultants so we DON’T sleep train but we can help you navigate sleep issues and implement your own sleep plan.
  • We DON’T plan to stay alone in the house with your baby for extended periods.

How far do you travel?

Because of the frequency of visits our range is a little smaller than for birth doula care. We serve families in the following counties:

  • Virginia: Loudoun, Clarke + Northern Frederick
  • Maryland: Frederick + Washington
  • West Virginia: Jefferson + Eastern Berkeley

If you have any questions about your particular location just ask!

Do we meet before the baby comes?

We sure can! We’d love to do a prenatal consult to get to know each other and so we can make a plan for your care after the baby arrives. Some families don’t find us until after birth and we’re happy to meet for a consult then, too.

Can you help with breastfeeding?

Yes! We are peer educators and have all breastfeed our own children and helped clients navigate all of the most common challenges and struggles. If we bump up against an issue outside our experience, we know exactly who to call for back up!

Can you help overnight?

You better believe it! We know just how lack of sleep can start a slippery slope for parent’s mental health — Sometimes even a few nights of sleep can make a difference. During overnights our focus shifts from household management to getting sleep for the whole family no matter how baby is fed. Overnight shifts are scheduled in at least 8 hour blocks starting no later than 10 PM and ending no earlier than 5 AM so that we aren’t driving at odd hours. The Clover package fits 2 full nights of sleep.

Can you run errands for me?

Totally! We can run errands for you, and even better, we can run errands WITH you as extra set of hands at the grocery store, the doctor’s or vet’s office or even just somewhere fun for a mental health day.

So, you're like nannies?

Nope, but I can see some overlaps. A nanny’s job is to focus on the baby, while a postpartum doula is specially trained to care for the whole family to help them bond and get back on their feet with an extra focus on new mother care. Sometimes that looks like holding the baby while you get a shower or a nap, and sometimes it looks like meal prep, and sometimes it looks like overnight help. We also don’t plan to stay alone in the house with the baby for extended periods.

Don't people's families do this for them?

Sometimes, and then it’s a beautiful thing! Not every family needs a postpartum doula. But sometimes grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers don’t want to help, don’t know HOW to help, don’t have the extra time, live too far away, or can’t stay long. And sometimes help from family comes with extra baggage. We totally get it. We’re not here to take anyone’s place, just to fill in the gaps with modern mother and baby-care knowledge, non-judgemental support so you can rest and bond with your family.

Is my baby too old for a postpartum doula?

Parents need help when they need help! We don’t have any strict guidelines on baby’s age, though we find families use us the most during the first six months. Sometimes families even ask us back long after our service had ended to help them in tight spots because they trust our care.

What are the next steps in the hiring process?

What a great question! It’s all detailed HERE

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